Aya02Age: 23
Ethnicity: Japanese
Astrological sign: Aries
Currently studying: English
Career goals: Social Worker
Favourite Asian restaurant/Fav dish: Sushi at Kingyo Japanese Restaurant
Last purchase (clothing, shoes, accessory): Sneaker
Name of film star you would love to date: Pharrell Williams
Favourite Vancouver attraction? English Bay
One thing you would love to try in Vancouver: Bungee jump
Do you like dancing? Why or why not? Yes, I do
Favourite night spot: Stanley Park
Do you smoke? Yes, only after drinking alcohol
Do you drink? Drink of choice: Yes, I do
Dream vacation: Mexica Cancun, America, India, Africa, etc
Best gift ever: Ring
Enjoy working out? Gym or spa? Spa
Sport(s) of choice: Basketball
Other hobbies? Travel aboard, listening to hip hop music
Favourite dessert splurge: Chocolate cake
Item can’t leave home without: Nice clothes
Which do you prefer: Beauty salon Or at-home pampering? Beauty salon
Ever been in love? Of course
Currently in love? Current emotional state? Happy
Best date spot: Asakusa in Japan
Community involvement, if any: None