Elana-105Age: 25
Ethnicity: Asian (Taiwanese)
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Studying: Bachelors of Health Science prerequisite for Naturopathy (4 year full time schooling), Chartered Herbalist
Last Fashion Purchase: Christian Dior blush pallet
Favourite Restaurant/Dish: Sashimi
Favourite Vancouver Attraction: Summertime Grouse Grind, Wintertime Cypress for Snowboarding
One Thing I’d Love to Try in Vancouver: Paddle boarding by seawall
Favourite Nightspot: A place with good desserts
Item I Can’t Leave Home Without: Keys, wallet, cellphone
Beauty Tip: Eat healthy, sleep early and wake up early, exercise at least 5 times a week.
Gym, Spa or Sport? 20min Running everyday
Hobbies: Singing, modelling, travelling, going to seminars, and reading inspirational books.
Achievements: Average of 90% on my assignments in Chemistry, having worked 4 years in my clinic and had great reviews and ratings from real-time customers for my work as a registered massage therapist.
Career Goal: Become a Naturopathic Doctor and have a successful practice/business that educates and encourages people to optimize a natural approach for health maintenance and/or treatment of illness.

Makeup by Melody Sin
Model by Charles Stuart International (Email: dustyforcharlesstuart@gmail.com)