Emmie Wong

097C1172Age: 21
Ethnicity: Chinese
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Studying: Bachelor’s in Nursing
Last Fashion Purchase: Tory Burch flats
Name of Film Star I’d Love to Date:
There are many attractive film celebrities in Hollywood but I’m happy with my boyfriend of 3 years.
Favourite Restaurant/Dish: Guu at Robson!
Favourite Vancouver Attraction: Out of all the attractions Vancouver has to offer, my favorite activity is walking along the sea wall.
One Thing I’d Love to Try in Vancouver: Storm the Wall
Favourite Nightspot: Not a frequenter of the nightlife, I prefer to stay home with Netflix.
Item I Can’t Leave Home Without: Headphones and bus pass
Beauty Tip: Did you know you can layer 2 or 3 different lipsticks to achieve a custom dynamic lip shade? I just found this out!
Gym, Spa or Sport? Yoga and Pilates
Hobbies: Modeling
Achievements: Female lead in an r&b music video for a local artist.
Career Goal: Full-time nurse on a medical/surgical unit and signed by local talent agency.