Kelsey Barnwell

ML-90(PLY Management)
Age: 20
Ethnicity: Canadian
Astrological Sign: Leo
Studying: Not studying at the moment, but I plan on going to go into makeup in the future.
Last Fashion Purchase: A really awesome pair of magazine print shoes
Name of Film Star I’d Love to Date: I really have no clue, I don’t base dating soley off of someone’s looks, I would have to become good friends with them first.
Favourite Restaurant/Dish: Costco Fries with ice cream and gravy, dip one end on the fries in the ice cream and the other in the gravy, eat and enjoy !!!!
Favourite Vancouver Attraction: Playland (I’m a true child at heart)
One Thing I’d Love to Try in Vancouver: Paragliding and Grouse mountain
Favourite Nightspot: At home watching TV and having a cup of tea, but if not at home then I really enjoy Republic night club, if I’m with a bunch of friends.
Item I Can’t Leave Home Without: My clothes, I got to be wearing something.
Beauty Tip: Step out of your comfort zone for a day, you might be happy with a new bold change.
Gym, Spa or Sport? I like swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, going for walks.
Hobbies: Makeup artistry, costume making, painting, drawing, playing video games,
Achievements: I have been in a few magazines all over the world, I have completed a 2 year hair dressing program, and I have worked as a model for 3 years.
Career Goal: I want to travel the world modeling, also maybe some acting as well, but ultimately I want to go to makeup school and do special effects makeup for film and television.

Clothing sponsor: Mode Laboratory