Lisa Chien

Lisa02Age: 20
Ethnicity: Chinese
Astrological sign: Leo
Currently studying: Simon Fraser University: Linguistic Major, English Minor
Favourite asian restaurant (or food): Rakuraku
Last clothing purchased: black sweater from Zara
Last shoes purchased: black high heels from Aldo.
Last accessories purchased: A pair of pink glasses
Name of film star you would love to date: Orlando Bloom
Do you smoke? no
Drink? i’m a social drinker
Sport hobbies? badminton, swimming. skiing
Other hobbies? modelling, singing, dancing
Ever been heart-broken? a couple times. .
Are you currently in love? No
Current emotional state? Still managing.
Do you like dancing? Yes, it’s a great workout
Reading? I love romance novels
Working out? Once in a while.