Mei Onaga

Mei02Age: 21
Ethnicity: Japanese, Chinese
Astrological sign: Libra
Currently studying: Economics and History at UBC
Career goals: To receive my Masters of Law and Masters of Business Administration. Gain enough experience from a credible law firm in order to start my own firm afterwards.
Favourite Asian restaurant/Fav dish: Vogue, Guu, Kamei Royal, 7th Heaven! I luv Alaskan King Crab, Lobster, Oyster a la carte, Sharksfin Soup w/XO, Pigeon, and very fresh Beef Sashimi.
Last purchase (clothing, shoes, accessory): High intensity discharge headlights for my car from Modz Distributing ( Cross-back black halter top from Morgan De Toi. Slip-on mesh sneakers from Sketchers
Name of film star you would love to date: Huge Jackman, Jensen Ackles, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie (meet only!)
Favourite night spot: Atlantis, Plush, Sonar, Caprice, Mirage, and Viva.
Dream vacation: Hawaii, Europe, and Mexico with friends and boyfriend
Best gift ever: Matching personalized military Dog Tags!
Item can’t leave home without: Cell-phone, Laptop, Clie Palm Pilot, CD/MD/Mp3 Player.
Favourite Vancouver attraction? Our beautiful West Coast infusion of JDM styled cars either coming from Japan or mimicked here by local car enthusiasts. I also love our hot but temperate summers highlighting our clean and bountiful harbours (always full of boats and water sports!). We are lucky to also have perfect winters bringing us the best snow conditions and 3 local mountains to choose from!
One thing you would love to try in Vancouver: I have yet to water-ski and wakeboard
Do you like dancing? Why or why not? Of course. I love dancing because it helps relieve stress in my life, it’s fun, it’s a good way to exercise while enjoying oneself, I love learning and watching other dancers and their different styles, and it’s also a good way to express the way you feel ,instead with words, but with just a simple sway of your hips!
Do you smoke? Used to, but quit now.
Do you drink? Drink of choice: Only drink socially. Drink of choice is the Flaming Lamborghini.
Enjoy working out? Gym or spa? Gym is too repetitive but no choice! Both Gym and Spa preferred!
Sport(s) of choice: Skiing, Badminton, B-ball, V-ball, Jet-skiing, Wake-boarding, Rollerblading, Hiking, Tennis, Swimming, Boating, watching the Canucks!
Other hobbies? Clubbing(DSC/CCS/CSA), Kareoke, Automotive Lifestyle Shows(SCN,DTP,I-Fest), Human Resource Manager at ‘Modz Distributing’, video gaming, piano, shopping, traveling, bbtea-ing with friends.
Favourite dessert splurge: Blue Bubble Gum Ice-cream from Purdy’s, Crème Brule, Blueberry Cheesecake, Japanese Mochi!
Which do you prefer: Beauty salon Or at-home pampering? Beauty Salon!
Ever been in love?: Yes, unfortunately…=p
Currently in love? Current emotional state?: Yes. Tired and drained from all projects and emotional stress!…….=(
Best date spot: The top of British Properties in West Vancouver. It has the best view of Downtown and Stanley Park!
Community involvement, if any: Currently working for MODZ Distributing Corporation: a distribution company providing aftermarket products such as Digital Designs Audio, Macrom Audio, as well as Tech-One HID lighting kits. I’m also a member of the UBC Motorcycle Club: this club focuses on the general love and interest in all types of motorcycles and admits members whether you have a motorcycle or not. We enter into several automotive trade shows throughout the year which caters to people’s of all ages that share the same enthusiasm for the hobby. Visit us at MODZ at as well as the UBC Motorcycle Club at!!!