Melanie04Age: 22
Ethnicity: Canadian but in my blood there’s Chinese and particle East-Indian
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Currently studying: Faculty of Education
Favourite asian restaurant (or food):Asian food is fish ball with thick rice noodle, but i hav a lot of favourite food…anything i like
Last clothing purchased: jean mini skirt and a holter top.
Last shoes purchased: nike runner
Last accessories purchased: sliver braclet with stars
Name of film star you would love to date: pretty much everyone loves him…BRAT PITT of course. I love his shy smile but with confident
Do you smoke? No way, I dont like the smell
Drink? only when i dont need to work the next day and the right moment
Sport hobbies? winter is snowboard, summer anything outdoor to do with water, but i excercise at home to keep healthy and endurance
Other hobbies? drawing, designing outfit, reading and shopping
Ever been heart-broken? Yes and it takes time to heal
Are you currently in love? yes i am, and hopefully he is the one
Current emotional state? save as much money as possible and enjoy it on something i like to do
Do you like dancing? if it is the right place and right moment.
Reading? i love to read
Working out? at home i work out to keep myself in shape because i work way too much to work out outside…maybe just go for a jog once in a while when i am not too tired from work