Sharon Huang

Sharon_001Age: 19
Ethnicity: Chinese
Astrological sign: Libra
Currently studying: Psychology
Career goals: Go with whatever future has in store for me
Favourite Asian restaurant/Fav dish: Too many to count
Last purchase: Armani Exchange dres
Favourite Vancouver attraction? Whistler
One thing you would love to try in Vancouver: Speeding
Do you like dancing? Yes
Favourite night spot: Burnaby Mountain
Do you smoke? Yes
Do you drink? No
Dream vacation: Dubai, Paris
Best gift ever: A dog
Enjoy working out? No
Sport(s) of choice: Swimming
Other hobbies? Guitar Hero!
Item can’t leave home without: Cell phone
Which do you prefer: Beauty salon Or at-home pampering? Home pampering
Ever been in love? Yes
Currently in love? Yes
Best date spot: Every where