Shivani Naomi Sarsthi

Shivani03Age 22
Ethnicity: Half Rajasthani, half British
Astrological Sign: Libra, so astrologically speaking, I should be balanced. Ironically, balance always seems to be what I’m striving for the most in life, but can never achieve!! I am getting closer to being balanced though, by making time for everything, school, work and having fun.
Currently Studying: Organic chemistry at SFU, (I have applied to UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences – it’s quite competitive but I hope I get accepted into the program. Ultimately, my goal is to become a licensed Pharmacist and to take drugs and vaccines abroad to remote villages.)
Favourite Asian Restaurant: Many, but to name a few, Thai House, Tropika and Samosa Garden
Last clothing purchased: A simple, yet elegant, black dress from Zioni.
Last shoes purchased: Enzo Angiolini, which at first while doing runway practice, were very uncomfortable, but then I began wearing 5 band-aids on each foot and they’ve gotten a lot better!
Last Accessories purchased: Don’t remember, definitely not earrings though – my Mom has an obsession with buying earrings so she takes care of that department!
Name of a film star you would love to date: None… they should want to date me! I mean I am a regular person too, right?