Sue Bouphasavanh

Susan08Ethnicity: Thai
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Currently studying: International GMAT at Kaplan English Programs
Favourite Asian restaurant (or food): Pho Hong on Kingsway and Imperial
Last clothing purchased: A jacket from Mountain Equipment Coop
Last shoes purchased: Walking shoes from Coast Mountain Sports
Last accessories purchased: My friend gave me a pair of beautiful,handmade earrings from Korea.
Name of film star you would love to date: I’m not into movie stars
Do you smoke? No, never!
Drink? Yes, I love my whiskey!
Sport hobbies? Skiing and tennis
Other hobbies? Camping, hiking, cooking, reading and whenever I can, traveling
Ever been heart-broken? Unfortunately yes
Are you currently in love? Always….
Current emotional state? Extremely happy
Do you like dancing? Every chance I get
Reading? Absolutely! I love cuddling up with a good book.
Working out? Once in a while. I do yoga and pilates more on a regular basis.