Tracy Nguyen

TracyNguyen-31Age: 17
Studying: Journalism at Ryerson University
Item I Can’t Leave Home Without: A book
Beauty Tip: Laughing and smiling is the best calorie burner!
Hobbies: Reading, writing, blogging and hiking
Achievements: Miss Canada Jr.Teen 2013
National Canadian Girl Teen 2013
Career Goal: Broadcast Journalist

Tracy Nguyen is a passionate girl who believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to a bright future.

She has been tutoring children with disabilities since the age of twelve. “Seeing the confidence and positive mind set that grows within the children that I work with is what keeps me going. Not only do I help them build skills, but they’ve shown me how to endeavour and to never give up on my goals”, Tracy says. The seventeen year old extended her work to volunteering and organizing events for children at The Variety Charity.

This year, Nguyen was looking forward to buying a dress for her prom. Instead, she decided to make her dress herself and donated the money that would have gone towards to buying a dress, to The Canucks Autism Network instead. She named her project, TheWeCANdress.

“I felt amazing wearing that dress. Not only was I raising Autism Awareness, but I felt as if this dress inspired others to help in the smallest way. TheWeCANdress showed others how easily it is to give. Instead of buying your daily cup of coffee, put that $3 in a jar everyday and at the end of month donate everything in the jar to a charity you support.”

Alongside TheWeCANdress, Nguyen organized a week of raising Autism awareness within her high school. Funds that were raised were donated to the Canucks Autism Network as well. As Nguyen prepares to head to Toronto for university, she hopes to extend her work there as well.

“We are all different. Not more nor less. Everyone deserves the opportunity to a bright future.”