Vanessa Villabroza

Vanessa10Age: 18
Ethnicity: Filipino
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Currently studying: Marketing Management (Entrepreneurship) at BCIT
Career goals: To achieve a high position in some successful company or start a business of my own that involves clothing, music or food
Favourite Asian restaurant/Fav dish: Goldielocks/Sinigang
Last purchase (clothing, shoes, accessory): different colored knitted tops from wet seal
Name of film star you would love to date: Jake Gyllenhaal
Favourite Vancouver attraction? PNE
One thing you would love to try in Vancouver: Joining the BC Cancer Foundation’s Walk for Breast Cancer
Do you like dancing? Why or why not? I love dancing, especially ballroom and Hip hop. Apart from it being fun and a good workout, it’s a brilliant form of self expression
Favourite night spot: Blenz coffee shop
Do you smoke? No, I’ve always hated smoking, especially the fact that eats your money to make you uglier and sicker
Do you drink? Drink of choice: No, because fortunately, I’m allergic to alcohol
Dream vacation: A week in Italy to explore their wonderful art, beaches and good looking men
Best gift ever: An acoustic guitar my parents gave me for my graduation
Enjoy working out? Gym or spa? I enjoy working out with my uncle who’s a karate instructor. Apart from giving you a good body, it teaches you discipline and proper ways of self defense. Then again, after a heavy workout, a day at the spa would make my day
Sport(s) of choice: Badminton and swimming
Other hobbies? Music is my ultimate passion: singing, playing guitar and piano, as well as banging on pots and pans as I tap my feet. I also love craft making, sewing and turning trash into treasure.
Favourite dessert splurge: Loads and loads of Ice cream and chocolate
Item can’t leave home without: …telling anyone
Which do you prefer: Beauty salon Or at-home pampering? Even if it’s nice to do things yourself, it feels twice as good to have someone else do it
Ever been in love? Extremely infatuated, but never in-love
Currently in love? Current emotional state? Not at the moment…
Best date spot: I’ve never been on a date, but some lunch by the beach would be nice
Community involvement, if any: I’m currently a member of the Pag-ibig sa Diyos Catholic Community. I consider joining this group a turning point in my life for I developed a strong relationship with God which made me a stronger, and a more optimistic person.